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Collision Repair Tools

Chief Automotive Technologies offers the most extensive line of collision repair equipment, including frame machine, measuring tools, anchoring systems, welding, aluminum repairaluminum weldervehicle specification products and we offer Chief Universitycollision repair school providing the most up-to-date training in the industry. Chief continues to aggressively develop and launch innovative products that enable shops of all shapes and sizes to become more productive and successful. We offer everything you need for any collision repair.

Chief offers collision repair shops a total repair solution. We supply equipment to diagnose and identify collision damage, repair the damage through pulling the frame, replacing parts or welding, and document that the vehicle was returned to the original manufacturer’s specifications.  The level of sophistication Chief welders offer goes beyond just melting two metals together.  Data reporting on weld strength, automatic tool recognition and similar technologies provides repair technicians with more time to repair and less worry about ever-changing demands on the collision industry.  You’ll be happier that vehicles are being repaired faster with better results and in turn, making your shop more profitable.   

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Current News

Chief, North America’s leading collision repair equipment manufacturer, introduces Centurion, the largest and strongest frame rack in the industry. With custom lengths up to 80 feet, technicians can simply drive the largest heavy-duty vehicles into position on the Centurion, swing the towers into position, and get to work in just 10 minutes. Each tower provides 55 tons of pulling power, so Centurion can straighten any truck, trailer, bus or other heavy-duty vehicle.

The new Globaljig ® Presented by Chief ® Mobile System bench package provides collision repair shops with a faster way to load a car, and the mobility to move the job throughout the shop without having to undock the vehicle. The package includes the Globaljig Universal Fixturing System that enables technicians to center the vehicle after it is fixed to the jigs, reducing loading time by up to 75 percent. 
Chief, North America's leading collision repair equipment manufacturer, introduces Chief Heavy Duty - a product line designed to help heavy-duty body shops improve technician ergonomics, shop efficiency, repair quality and cycle times. The equipment also makes it possible to write more comprehensive estimates upfront and document repairs.

Globaljig ® Presented by Chief ® introduces the small but mighty Koala bench. Its compact size comes with a compact price, yet it's versatile enough to handle most of the structural work that comes through a typical collision repair shop - including the center section holding required to repair the latest generation of vehicles. The Koala structural repair bench can be used as an install or work bay lift for easier vehicle tear down and reassembly, sheet metal repair, blueprinting operations, or for structural straightening and holding of parts for replacement. 


Frame Racks Role

Structural Holding Package 2

The foundation of a solid collision repair remains the trusty frame rack, backed by a reliable measuring system. Chief's Structural Holding Package includes vice clamps that can be used to secure vehicle frames to the rack at multiple locations. The additional holding points provided by the Structural Holding Package help distribute pressure when pulling out frame damage, which reduces the risk of inflicting additional damage to the vehicle.

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Pulling Accessories

Pulling Accessories 2

Chief Accessory Packages feature the most innovative tools for repairing today’s vehicles.These pulling accessories are available in eleven configurations, offering maximum versatility to keep pace with the evolution of automotive design. You can make precise pulls on hundreds of unitized and conventional frame models while minimizing the possibility of distortion.

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Universal Anchoring Systems

universal anchoring

Another innovation from Chief – the Universal Anchoring System, now featuring Chief’s Uni- Clamp design, which requires just one bolt size instead of three as on previous systems. Technicians need only one socket, and each stand has four bolts instead of six so there are fewer bolts to tighten. The Uni-Clamp can be retrofitted onto existing universal anchoring stands to increase anchoring speed and productivity.

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Latest Insights

Welding Technology

As vehicles are constructed out of lighter materials and more emphasis is placed on reducing weight it is imperative that technicians are more informed than ever about welding.  Knowledge plus the right equipment will give workers an advantage in keeping repairs correct.  This guide will provide some of these insights.


Entering The Age of Design Based Repairs

Chief Automotive Technologies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality collision repair products and services, including frame-pulling equipment, vehicle-anchoring systems, measuring systems, and vehicle frame specifications. Chief is also aleading provider of comprehensive training on structural analysis, measuring, collision theory and design based repair.

Chief’s collision repair equipment is more powerful, versatile and capable than ever before, and has been specifically designed to service modern cars and trucks. Vehicles designed and manufactured today are technologically light-years ahead of vehicles that rolled off the assembly line just a few short years ago, and this fundamental shift in how vehicles are conceived and built is why you need a company like Chief behind you.

Chief Automotive has several Design Based Repair Systems® on the market today, with more to follow. These systems have been specifically designed to allow shops to use the “Best Way Technology™” available to make the appropriate repairs. Additionally, Chief offers diagnostic products to assist in validating the status of vehicle systems once repairs are made, and is even working to address the issue of quickly locating OEM vehicle data.

Get comfortable with the phrase "Design Based Repair" because it’s shaping up to be the future of the collision repair industry for many years to come. Cheif will be here to help you navigate that future.

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