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Auxiliary Pulling Package

Auxiliary Pulling Package

Specific tools and fixtures incorporated into a package that works well with Chief frame racks.  Need an extra helper, these give you that flexibility. 

619218 – Weight: 89 lbs. (40.5 kg) – wall mounted
619219 Weight: 114 lbs. (51.7 kg) – wall mounted
619200 Weight: 107 lbs. (48.5 kg) – wall mounted

Auxiliary Tool Boards
No.Part No.Qty.Description
16018343Auxiliary Extension Coupling
26018422Auxiliary Extension, 6”
36018502Auxiliary Extension, 12”
46018691Auxiliary Extension, 20”
56019221Auxiliary Extension, 31”
66023351Ram V-Base
76023601Auxiliary Ram, 6” Stroke
86065482Slotted Chain Anchor
96078492Auxiliary Male Coupling
106108291Auxiliary Pulling Head
116190571Slotted Chain Hook
126011401Auxiliary Ram Base
136011971Auxiliary Ram, 6” Stroke with Quick Coupler
146012131Male / Klaw Assembly
156012141Female / Klaw Assembly
164504411Small Pulling Layout Details (Install Sheet)