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Deluxe Chain & Clamping Accessory Package

Deluxe Package All

Deluxe Tool board Package

Chief tool boards may be wall-mounted or gain mobility by mounting them to this sturdy Tool Board Cart with casters.

619204 Wall Mount 330 lbs. (150 kg)
619205 Cart Mount 400 lbs. (182 kg)

No.Part No.Qty.Description
16118801Unitized Body Clamp
26242352Chief Attachment Side-Pull
367203422” Self-Tightening Clamp
467200011-1/2” Self-Tightening Clamp
5CL1290CA1Chief Bite-Tight C-Clamp
6CL0690CA1Chief Mini Bite-Tight Clamp
7CL1590CA1Chief Angle Bite-Tight Clamp
86977301Down-Pull Attachment
9MC64001Regular Deep Hook Set, Mo-Clamp
106191111Boltless Strut Tower Puller
116028961Nylon Fender Strap
126029091Cable Sling
136282202Turnbuckle Assist
146052612Bumper Puller, w/18” Chain
156108701Pulling Plate, Right
166108881Pulling Plate, Left
176190572Slotted Chain Hook
186027492‘T’ Hook, w/18” Chain
196027572 ‘R’ Type Hook, w/18” Chain
No.Part No.Qty.Description
206118992All-Angle Clamp
216028532Chain, Tie-Down, 3/8” x 4’ w/Hook
226028612Chain, Tie-Down, 3/8” x 8’ w/Hook
236065482Slotted Chain Anchor
246109842Chain Connector
 6192894Wall Board Frame
 6190131Users Manual, Self-Tightening Clamp
 6192421Board Assembly, Basic Clamping
 6192711Bolt Bag Package, Basic Clamping
 6192141Basic Clamping Layout Details
 6192451Board Assembly, Specialty Clamping
 6192721Bolt Bag Package, Specialty Clamping
 6192151Specialty Clamping Layout Details
 6192481Board Assembly, Basic Chain and Clamping
 6192731Bolt Bag Package, Basic Chain and Clamping
 6192161Basic Chain and Clamping Layout Details
 6192511Board Assembly, Basic Chain
 6192741Bolt Bag Package, Basic Chain
 6192171Basic Chain Layout Details