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    Meet your aluminum repair dream team.

    As vehicles evolve, your equipment should, too. With Chief collision repair equipment, you'll have the right technology to fix any metal—including aluminum. Plus, you'll have the capacity to pull full-size trucks, measure multiple points in real time with Live Mapping™ and repair all types of metals with a perfect weld every time. Not to mention our hands-on technician training program and the most precise and comprehensive vehicle specification database in the world.

    Pulling Vehicle Frames

    Aluminum Repair Rack

    Work on every vehicle that comes to your shop with the rack that's big enough to handle them all. Plus, get features like true 360-degree capabilities and self-leveling, so your repair work is always efficient and accurate.

    CHIEF Goliath Pulling Rack

    • Choose a rack that's 22 feet long and 92 inches wide to handle the biggest pickups, dualies and SUVs
    • Get 10 tons of pulling force at the hook to ensure you have the power you need
    • Pull from multiple towers and gang towers anywhere around the vehicle

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    Structural Holding Package

    Aluminum Repair Tool Cart

    The Structural Holding Package is designed to give additional holding to newer vehicles manufactured with large amounts of High Strength and Ultra High Strength steels and additional Aluminum structures.

    Structural holding allows a technician to apply additional holds, spreading out the amount of pressure at each hold location reducing the chance of additional damage during repairs. This holding is necessary to hold a part being replaced in the correct location for welding and bonding.

    This system will fit any Chief or Chief style machines with rectangle holes on top of the deck. This concept allows a shop that has an older machine to be equipped with the latest technology in holding systems that will assist in repairs on the newest vehicles.

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    Collet Style Target Attachements

    Aluminum Repair Collets

    Set of 18 Collet Style Measuring Target Attachment Set for Aluminum Vehicles

    The aluminum-housed attachment is self-centering with three collet style fingers. This gives the attachment the capability to measure any vehicle regardless of material type - steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc.

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    Terminology guide for the aluminum industry
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    Aluminum Repair Station

    MultiTool Aluminum Repair Station
    (Pictured Back & Front above)

    Aluminum Pulling Bars

    Aluminum Pulling Bar Kit

    Fusion / Welding

    Fixing aluminum requires different techniques and equipment than steel, but with the Chief Elektron Fusion Technologies MultiTool Aluminum Repair Station and the MultiMig 522 welder, everything you need is in one place.

    Plus, tech-friendly features like True Automode help to increase your shop's efficiency and create the perfect weld every time.

    Chief Elektron Fusion Technologies MultiTool Aluminum Repair Station

    MultiSpot M25 AL

    • Capacitor discharge technology breaks through surface oxidation without harming the sheet metal below

    MultiSpot M22 AL

    • Can weld up to 6mm diameter stud bolts on clean, bare (un painted) aluminum surface

    Aluminum pulling bar kit and pulling system

    • Fix both large and small dents with a single set of tools stored in one place
    • Prepare for any fix with included accessories such as hammers, heat gun, angled die grinder (to prevent cross-contamination), and a starter kit of studs, zinc-plated eye bolts and more

    MultiMig 522

    • The MULTIMIG 522 mechanically and electrically controls the welding parameters to achieve a TIG-looking weld bead.

    MultiMig 511

    • The MULTIMIG 511 A push-pull torch designed specifically to optimize aluminum welding.

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