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  • Chief Heavy-Duty Collision Repair

    Introducing a Repair Line for Trucks, Trailers, Buses, RV's and Other HD Vehicles

    The trucking industry is filled with opportunity to repair Heavy-Duty vehicles.  If you’re currently sending work to other shops, it’s costing you more than if you were to expand and offer these services at your facility.  It takes time to tow or haul a big rig to a shop and have it fixed, only to find out you need to return it to that same shop because of quality issues, or the repair was incorrect.  Why not turn that time and expense into your own shops profits?  With Chief’s HD line of collision repair equipment, your shop can now take on that work, and source other truck mechanic repair as well.  Take the first step into Heavy-Duty collision repair below.

    Frame Racks

    HD Trucker

    Accommodating frame designs to work for your heavy-duty shop needs for years to come.

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    Truck Lifts

    Mobile Column Lifts

    Pairing the best Heavy Duty mobile column lift on the market with our collision equipment guarantees success.

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    HD Rivet Gun

    Heavy Duty Rivet Gun

    Easy to use and highly efficient - this riveting tool allows your technicians to complete repairs in record time.

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    Vulcan ADU

    Adhesive Debonding Unit

    Repair semi-truck cabs, hoods, box truck side areas, etc. where bonding adhesives are used during the manufacturing process.

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    Fleet Guide

    Fleet repair and maintenance is a big expense for most shops, and for some it’s wise to move it in house. But it’s smart to take some time to explore what’s need to do that. If you’re considering making the change, our ebook can help.


    Chief Heavy-Duty & NTHECC

    NTHECC Logo

    National Truck & Heavy Equipment Claims Council

    Chief is now a member of the National Truck & Heavy Equipment Claims Council.  This council was formed by leaders of heavy equipment insurance agencies, truck and trailer manufacturers and individual heavy duty dealerships.   Since its formation, the Council has developed a close relationship with the manufacturers of heavy equipment, and they have sponsored numerous repair seminars.
    Chief is proud to be a part of this association. 



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