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Centurion Frame Rack

This thing is Fast!
Drive on and start pulling. The Centurion rack is lightning fast to set up when compared to other systems!

The big frame rack that's easy on your repair, easy on your setup and easier on your technicians.  Made in the USA by hard working men and women the Centurion is a heavy duty collision repair workhorse.  When time is money and setting up a vehicle for a pull takes time, the easier it is to get a large truck on and off a rack, the more money your shop makes.  Simple on and off setup, verify vehicles road worthy, if not drive back on and pull again.  

  • Largest and heaviest built rack in the industry
  • Ramps can be easily moved to either end for drive-on and drive-off accessibility
  • 55 ton hydraulic ram in each tower
  • Independently moving towers allow true 360 degree pulling
  • 100 grade 5/8" chain
  • Multiple chain tie downs in deck, for pulling flexibility
  • Internal hydraulic, air and control plumbing located every 10'
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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Centurion 06

Centurion Video

Technician friendly

The Centurion is designed with technicians fatigue in mind; steel pulleys located at the top of each tower locate our high strength 5/8 inch 100 grade chain within the tower.  Rather than lift chains and fumble with sprockets while doing so everything is set and ready for the operator to install a pin and start pulling.  Think of this as reversed chain tensioning, where gravity works in our favor during setup.  With air, hydraulic and electronic connections every 10 feet there's no need to worry about hazardous conditions from obstacles on the floor.  Again your tech has everything needed for tower power, tool power and control at the rack!

FEATURECenturion Specifications
Deck Height24"
Radius of Pulling360 degrees
Deck Width102" or 126"
Treadway Width36"
Center Opening30"
Deck Length Choices40', 60', 80'
Choose Air, or
Electric Hydraulics
Standard Tower Height10' or 14'
Standard Tower Hydraulics55 ton

Chief Automotive Technologies® reserves the right to alter product specifications and/or package components without notice. Check with Chief or your local Chief distributor on paint options and pricing.


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