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    Collision Repair School

    32,000 Technicians and 22,000 Estimators and Appraisers Can't Be Wrong

    Chief's goal is to be the leader in the worldwide collision repair training by satisfying the needs of our students and industry with quality products and services at a fair price. At Chief Automotive Technologies® our goal is to DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. We are committed to high quality standards, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement in all training activities. At Chief, we actively involve our employees, industry experts, and customer partners in planning, implementing, and maintaining the best possible training processes.

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    How do you stay in touch with industry advances? How do you learn about structural changes in new vehicles? With each new model year come new challenges. Chief Training's goal is to enable you to accurately and profitably repair today's vehicles. Courses are regularly updated to help collision repair professionals keep up with automotive structural changes taking place every year. In fact, Chief offers the most up-to-date structural measuring, analysis, and repair training in the world.

    Hands-on Learning

    At Chief, we design our classes to focus on "hands-on" training. We believe that there is no substitute for "learning by doing." Our experience has proven that actually "practicing and performing" is the best way to help repair professionals understand and develop the "know-how" for long-term success.