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    The next step in future vehicle repair.

    Modern vehicles manufactured with aluminum and other “exotic” materials require an updated approach to collision repair. With these new metals repair procedures are different. Sectioning is recommended as part of the repair procedures for many modern vehicles. In order to do this properly, it is important to hold the vehicle at strategic locations along the body so it does not shift out of place during the repair. The new Chief Structural Holding Package works with a Chief frame rack to provide these additional holding points. The system also can be used when pulling steel frames to distribute pressure evenly. This reduces the risk of inflicting further damage and makes easier to return a vehicle to OEM specifications.

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    The Chief Structural Holding Package includes more than 50 components that can be combined in a variety of ways to secure a vehicle at a wide range of holding points. Vice clamps are included for use on frame-based trucks and vans, while unibody vehicles can be secured at their suspension mounting points or upper rails with bolt-on surface plate attachments. The entire contents of the Structural Holding Package come neatly arranged on a rolling tool board to keep everything organized and easy to move.

    Structural Holding Package 300000

    Part#30000 Weight:555 lbs. (252 kg)

    This Structural Holding Package is conveniently mounted on a tool board that outlines each component making it simple to identify where the part goes; all of this affixed to an easy-to-roll cart designed for the technician’s convenience and a clean looking shop.

    No. Part No. Qty. Description
    1 502000 2 Vertical Fixture Short
    2 502005 2 Horizontal Fixture Large
    3 502008 2 Vertical Fixture Tall
    4 502014 2 Wing Nut, Parts Holding - LH
    5 502015 4 Wing Nut, Parts Holding - RH
    6 502016 4 4" Extension Tub
    7 502017 2 12" Extension Tub
    8 502019 2 Tall Horizontal Fixture
    9 502026 2 Angle Adaptor Clamp Assembly
    10 502031 2 Base Plate
    11 502033 2 Adapter, Parts Holding Lower
    12 502034 2 Center Tub Parts Holding Turn Buckle
    13 502038 2 Rigging Nut
    14 502039 4 Structural Holding Adapter Assembly
    15 502042 2 Structural Vise Assembly
    16 502047 4 Structural Parts Holding Base
    17 502055 2 Short Tub Base Stand Assembly
    18 502058 4 Release Pin Assembly
    19 502060 2 Wrist Block
    20 502061 2 10” Extension Tub
    21 502063 2 Tall Tube Base Stand Assembly
    22 502067 1 Spanner Wrench Assembly
    22 502069 1 Spanner Wrench Assembly
    23 607371 6 Fastener Plate, UAS
    24 638133 2 Jaw Clamp Assembly
    26 502062 1 Bolt Tray, Structural Holding

    Structural Holding Package 300000 Back


    No. Part No. Qty. Description
    25 611311Y 2 Parts Holding Arm (on cart back)
    611311y Parts Holding Arm
    Image of Parts Holding Arm in use.

    Vertical Fixtures

    Vertical fixtures
    can mount to locations such as the suspension mounting areas creating a very strong hold for structural repairs.

    Horizontal Fixtures

    The large horizontal fixture
    allows the ability to hold and control the end of a rail or structure for alignment or replacement of that component..

    Holding eight point

    The structural holding package
    can be used to make eight point holding where needed with suspension in or out.

    Full Frame

    The system can be used for Unitized and Full Frame vehicles utilizing the vise clamp to hold full frame rails.

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