• Globaljig Presented By Chief

    Globaljig products are made in Italy and have been approved by a number of vehicle OEMs. They will be marketed under the "Globaljig Presented by Chief" brand in North America. Globaljig Presented by Chief products will be sold through the extensive Chief North American distribution network.

    Globaljig’s universal fixture systems, benches and other European-style repair equipment are now available via  Chief’s distributors. That makes life a little simpler for you, as you work with one source for all your equipment needs. And having those touch points for support after the sale is huge. Globaljig’s systems are manufactured in Italy, but you’ll find Chief-level support for them right here at home. 

    Collision Benches

    Information about repair benches

    Globaljig Benches

    Collision Measuring

    Information about Measuring Systems

    Globaljig GlobalScan

    high end collision repair guidebook
  • Pull Tool

    Pull Jig uses the same holding system any Globaljig bench uses and includes a ratcheting wrench to apply spiral force both away and towards the bench.  This allows you to make small manual pulls in specific areas when needed and in areas that normally wouldn’t allow for such an adjustment.

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