Chief® Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun Makes Easy Work of Truck Cab Repairs


HD Rivit GunChief’s Heavy-Duty Rivet Gunputs out 10 metric tons of compression force — plenty of power to install new rivets or press out existing rivets in the thick steel and aluminum used to build heavy-duty truck cabs. It also uses 8 metric tons of tension force to hydraulically retract the punching tool from metal sheets easily and simply – with just the push of a button. 

“The Chief Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun has the advantage of strong two-way operation – it powers out and it powers back,” explains Lee Daugherty, director of collision sales, the Americas, for Chief parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “This means it smoothly punches in self-piercing rivets, and then easily powers back out of even the thickest sheet metal materials. It delivers the force needed to repair today’s cab structures, as well as future trucks that will likely incorporate even more high-strength metals.”

The pneumatically driven Chief Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun includes a dial to provide infinite adjustment of the working pressure. This allows the technician to control the output compressive force as well as the retract tension force. The rivet gun can be used to press out or install self-piercing rivets and to punch precisely sized holes to accept flow form or blind rivets. Optional attachment kits are available to install blind rivets as well as blind nuts and blind bolts.


Because the Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun is larger than standard rivet guns in order to deliver higher power output, Chief offers it with a new optional cabinet equipped with a boom. The boom takes some of the weight of the gun off the technicians’ shoulders to reduce strain and improve mobility. 

The Chief Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun is part of the full line of heavy-duty collision repair equipment available from Chief, including:

  • Centurion heavy-duty frame rack
  • Cam Scan HD™ photogrammetric measuring system
  • Vulcan ADU adhesive debonding unit
  • Rotary® Lift Mach Series mobile column lifts
  • Chassis-Liner Heavy-Duty Trucker™ frame rack.

To learn more about the Chief Heavy-Duty Rivet Gun, visit, contact your local Chief distributor or call (800) 445-9262. Chief is also active on Twitter, Facebook, For video, visit

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