MultiMig 511 and MultiMig 522 MIG/MAG inverter welders are designed to help technicians weld aluminum as easily as they weld steel. "/>

Weld Aluminum as Easily as Steel



MultiMig 511 and 522 MIG/MAG Welders in Ford 2015 F-150 Collision Repair Program

Madison, Ind. (April 30, 2014) - Elektron's new   MultiMig 511 and MultiMig 522 MIG/MAG inverter welders are designed to help technicians weld aluminum as easily as they weld steel. Both welders are included in the Ford 2015 F-150 Collision Repair Program.

The MultiMig 511 and MultiMig 522 MIG/MAG welders can weld and braze aluminum alloys, galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel and high-strength steel. They come programmed with synergic curves that preset welding parameters so technicians can start welding immediately without a lot of setup time or training.


Multiple programmable options are also available to customize the welders' operation to meet specific customer needs and working conditions. The welders have high duty cycles and the power required for most body shop applications using up to 1.2mm welding wire, as well as the push-pull torch style that's essential for smooth aluminum wire feed.

"Technicians in North America typically don't have a lot of experience repairing aluminum, which can make them nervous about proper welding techniques," says Mickey Swartz, director of global product management, collision, for Elektron parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). "Repairing aluminum requires training and the right equipment. I've heard from a number of technicians that our Elektron MIG/MAG welders transform a novice or even an average welder into a good aluminum welder. Shops should invest in a welder that gives their technicians the confidence that they're doing right."

The MultiMig 511 and MultiMig 522 are both available with Elektron's unique push-pull torch . Because aluminum wire is soft, welders that use "push" feeders to push the wire from the feed roll to the welding gun can suffer from tangled wire, resulting in downtime as technicians stop welding to cut out the tangle. Spool guns use "pull" systems that place a small wire reel on the torch itself, but these torches can be very bulky, heavy and hard to use. The speed and power control from the welder also can be lost in this type of system, leading to wire snapping. Therefore, the Aluminum Association's Practices for the Repair of Aluminum Sheet


Metal recommends the use of "push-pull" torches to maintain constant, uniform tension on the wire, minimizing breakage or tangling.

Elektron's small and lightweight push-pull torch features fingertip controls that enable real-time control of wire- feed speed and welder current output during welding, which is especially beneficial in controlling heat and power when welding larger diameter wire.

Either welder can also be used with a standard MIG torch. Taking it a step further, the MultiMig 522 can be equipped with two separate torches simultaneously , each with different reels and wire, for even greater versatility. Changing between the two torches requires just a flip of a switch. The MultiMig 522 also adds a double pulse feature that outputs a hot-cold pulse that provides much better vertical and overhead weld beads with less chance of the welds "running."

The MultiMig 511 and 522 feature the synergic pulsed technology required by most OEMs for aluminum welding. As a result, they can reduce burn-through on very thin aluminum, but provide full penetration on thicker aluminum sheets.

Both welders feature Integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology to reduce energy waste, making them easier on the environment and the wallet. Both are equipped with built-in carts including storage for the welders' gas cylinders. Complete specs for both products are available at

The MultiMig 511 and MultiMig 522 are part of Elektron's new family of collision repair equipment designed specifically to fix aluminum vehicle components. The line also includes the M22 AL and M25 AL aluminum- capable stud welders and MultiTool Aluminum Dent Repair Station.

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