THREE More Reasons to
lay it on our line.

Introducing the Fume Extractor, Rivet Gun and Dust Extractor:
the three newest additions to the Chief line of collision repair equipment.

Fume Extractor

  • Efficient design can double filter life span and lower replacement cost
  • 7- foot adjustable arm to help capture toxic fumes
  • Optional arc detector kit automatically turns unit on as soon as you strike the arc
Chief Rivet Gun

Rivet Gun

  • Specially developed for thin sheet metal structures
  • Universal set-up allows a variety of attachments
  • Highly efficient pressure ratio of 100:1
Chief Dust Extractor

Dust Extractor

  • 1.3 gallon Immersion Separator
  • 20' Suction/Air supply hose
  • Fully integrated automatic On/Off, Extractor can be controlled vy pneumatic hand tool

Make sure your shop is equipped for aluminum repair.
Download the Chief aluminum shop tools checklist.