• Anchoring Systems

    Anchoring systems are what basically hold the vehicle to the frame rack. They are designed as a means to secure various vehicle types with little to no hassle. Easily adjustable and built to withstand the forces placed on them time and time again.


    Universal Anchoring System with Uni-Clamp design

    Part #CK110021 Single
    #CK140012 Set of (4)

    Chief’s Universal Uni-Clamp Anchoring System is now standard on all Chief frame racks. The anchor stand features a replaceable crosshatch section that works like 180 teeth on both jaws and the anchoring stand to provide superior gripping power on the high-strength steel pinch welds common on modern vehicles.

    The bolt pattern on each jaw has been lowered 25 millimeters so technicians can easily tighten the fastening bolts from the outside, without removing the lower ground effect trim panels found on many cars.

    The new crosshatch sections of the Chief Universal Uni-Clamp Anchoring System are also economical. When worn, they can simply be unbolted and replaced with a fresh set, without the need to replace the jaws themselves, or the anchoring stand. The system is compatible with all Chief specialty anchoring products, and can be retrofitted onto existing Chief Universal anchoring stands.


    Chief offers an entire catalog devoted to your special anchoring needs. Contact your Chief rep for more information.

    * Shown with special universal anchoring stand (Part No. 499106) and UMS® adapter tube – not included.

    F.A.S.T. Anchoring

    F.A.S.T. isolates the vehicle frame from its suspension, making repair diagnosis simple. It helps you do big jobs like trucks, SUVs and full-frame cars quickly and easily, reducing the time it takes to pull and measure your jobs. The system is technician-friendly and easy to set up. Once a vehicle is anchored with F.A.S.T., techs need only to level it to go to work. Chief’s F.A.S.T. Anchoring System mounts to Chief’s patented Universal Anchoring Stands or to Universal Measuring System Pinchweld Stands.

    When used with Universal Anchoring System (UCS or UAS) stands, this system anchors the majority of today’s pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles and full frame cars. The design of this equipment permits the positioning of anchoring stands further outboard for broader measuring purposes. The system’s long crossbars can be rotated to match the slope of any attachment or frame rail.

    FAST Anchoring

    Part #128-619202 - Wall Mount
    Part #128-619203 - Cart Mount

    Econo F.A.S.T. Anchoring

    Chief’s Econo F.A.S.T. system was designed for the price-conscious buyer who needs the ability to securely anchor full-frame vehicles. The Econo F.A.S.T. utilizes two long bars to provide vehicle support, and the Spring Shackle Clamps and Standard Rail Vises hold many common frame types. If needed, the system can be upgraded to the full F.A.S.T. system for expanded vehicle anchoring capability.


    Part #200050
    Part #200051 upgrade to 200033
    Part #200052 upgrade to 200043

    Optional Accessories

    Three-Inch Riser Bars


    Part #539541 (single)

    These are used when anchoring setups require additional height. They may be stacked two high in some applications.

    Turnbuckle Assist


    Part #539630 (set)
    Part #628220 (one)

    These feature a cylindrical center unit with adjustable hooks at each end, providing excellent support for anchoring assemblies.

    Narrow Rail Vise Attachments


    Part #539337 (single)

    The slender design is used to secure box-shaped frame rails when frame rail access is limited.

    Tie Back Brackets


    Part #539539 (single)

    These brackets fit between anchoring attachments and riser bars in tall anchoring applications.