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    When it comes to wheel balancers, we offer everything you need and more.  From a simple C338 wheel balancer to a sophisticated C380 automatic wheel balancer, we can meet your shops need. Our tire balancers can perform numerous different services without tiring the operator. Your business will quickly see positive results like fewer resources spent on menial tasks, increased protection for expensive custom rims, and less tire machine-related injuries.

    Check out our line of wheel balancers to get an affordable tire balancing machine. You’ll be able to find the equipment you need to make your business successful, in addition to providing the services that you clients need to be done.

    Wheel Balancers

    C380 | Pro 3D Auto

    C380 Wheel Balancer

    C380 Details

    C355 | Pro 3D


    C355 Details

    C338 | Shop 2D

    C338 Wheel Balancer

    C338 Details

    C644 | Pro Truck 2D

    C644 Wheel Balancer

    C644 Details

    Tire Changers

    C3050 | Leverless

    C3050 Tire Changer

    C3050 Details

    C346 | Swingarm

    C346 Tire Changer

    C346 Details

    C340 | Swingarm Shop

    C340 Tire Changer

    C340 Details

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