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Live Mapping™

Laser Lock Scanner

Simultaneous and continuous measuring for 360° accuracy!

Chief’s Meridian™ Live Mapping™ System is a complete vehicle blueprinting package.  Galileo™ a precision single-hub laser driven scanner provides a quick and accurate 360-degree view of damage not visible to the naked eye.  A focused scanner footprint gives you flexibility in target line of site, so more measurements can be taken and an accurate detail of damage can be documented. 

360 Visibility

  • Galileo™ Single Hub Scanner
    • Geospatial design and micro-rotational technology for precise speed, measurement calculations and consistency
    • High powered laser with state-of-the-art optical path which increases measurement length with solid performance
    • Perfect plane stability makes necessary adjustments providing precise measurement
    • Robust construction features aerospace materials
    • Thermal resistant technology for temperature inconsistency gains
    • High-Tech optical components for accurate readings under any lighting conditions
  • Bar-coded reflective targets
    • Variable lengths for easy line of site placement
    • Protective end caps help prevent damage
    • Minimal replacement investment
  • Bolt, Hole and Clip Attachments
    • Wide range of sizes and mounting for greater vehicle range
    • Optional Collet Style targets available

Meridian™ Live Mapping™ System from Chief, nothing else is this easy to use, this easy to setup and this easy to get started blueprinting vehicle damage.  The sky’s the limit with Galileo™.  Chief nothing else.

Meridian Owners Manual • Meridian Parts Manual • Product Brochure


Meridian™ Images

LaserLock Cabinet Tools

Using Meridian™ is as simple as..

  1. Pull up detailed frame specifications for the vehicle being repaired
  2. Hang the attachments and targets as instructed by Meridian™'s tutorial
  3. Position the Galileo™ scanner under the vehicle
  4. Watch as Meridian™ shows you not only where the vehicle frame is out of alignment...
    but also by how much and in what direction!

Meridian’s software, cabinet and Galileo™ scanner all work together to analyze data before during and after repair.  This is our Live Mapping™ philosophy.  You see repair data real time while performing a pull.  This speeds up the repair process improving cycle times.

Meridian™ Scanner
  • NEW ergonomic single hub scanner design with easy to reach handles
  • Compact and lightweight design reduces target blockage and improves line-of-sight, allowing more reference points to be measured
  • Comes with high-strength "critical tilt angle" steel tray for placement under vehicle anchored on pulling systems
Galileo Scanner and Tray

New Lockable Steel Cabinet Workstation

  • Durable, powder-coated frame structure
  • Secure body scanner storage drawer
  • Secure computer and printer cabinet storage
  • Two rotating casters and two fixed casters
  • Complete 110-volt or 220-volt system
Meridian Cabinet
Auto-ScanMeridian™ includes Chief's AutoScan® and Estimator Pro-V® software, which provide more revenue generating opportunities that customers will appreciate and that will save considerable time during the front-end inspection and estimating process.
  • On-screen photos of recommended target and attachments, and where they should be placed
  • Comparative SAI and Caster measurements
  • Automatically calculates for removed components
  • Incorporate your company logo into printout design
  • Includes FREE interactive help and tutorial
  • High-speed, high-resolution color printer is stored in cabinet bottom
  • Windows 10 Professional Edition Required
  • Heavy-duty CPU with Extreme Graphics, DVD player and 6-Channel high-output audio system
  • Hyper-threading feature allows multiple programs to run simultaneously without slowing either program
  • Stored safely in cabinet bottom
Dual, High-Definition Flat Screen Monitors

The secondary web enabled monitor can run an estimating system or access your OEM repair procedures - technicians never have to leave the bay!

  • Durable, powder-coated frame structure
  • Secure body scanner storage drawer
  • Secure computer and printer cabinet storage
  • Two rotating casters and two fixed casters
  • Complete 110-volt or 220-volt system
Hole Attachments and Clips
  • Magnetic hole attachments for fast and easy positioning
  • Wide array of sizes from 10mm-25mm
Bolt Attachments and Clips
  • Magnetic bolt attachments ranging from 10mm-25mm
  • Threaded bolt attachments ranging from 10mm-32mm
  • Metal clip attachments ranging from 10mm-35mm
Meridian Bolt Attachments
  • 45 individual bar-coded reflective targets for simultaneous multiple-point measuring
  • Sleek design and variable lengths allow for easy viewing of multiple targets...even on large pick-ups and SUVs
  • Protective end caps help prevent damage for prolonged life
Meridian Targets

Target Extensions
Handy extensions attach to your existing targets, making them longer and allowing you to measure around underbody obstructions.

Chief Automotive Technologies® reserves the right to alter product specifications and/or package components without notice. Check with Chief or your local Chief distributor on paint options and pricing.

Upper Bar

Upper Body Bar Package Real-Time Measuring

Optional upper body bar allows you to measure the roof, trunk or even two strut towers at once. Plus vertical surface attachment enables comparative vertical measurements on upper body openings, like doors and windows.

Measure two reference points simultaneously with the Upper Body Bar. Measure the vehicle's strut towers and frame at the same time during pulls for higher-quality and faster repairs.

  • Measure SAI and Caster
  • Easily measure strut towers and fender bolts with ease
  • Generate comparison measurements for roof when optional extensions are used
  • Generate comparison measurements for deck lid openings
  • Generate comparison suspension angles when ball joints and strut towers are being measured

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