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Resolve Issues In A Fraction Of The Time - So You Can Get Back To Work!

What Will E-Access Do For You?

  • Allows your Chief tech support expert to walk technicians through problems
  • Debug a program
  • Demonstrate a solution or new process to increase productivity


Free Chief Tech Support - (Limited-Time Offer)

Chief Automotive Technologies is providing its $399 E-Access® technical support package to buyers of its new LaserLock™ Live Mapping™ system at no charge. The limited-time offer, available from approved distribution partners, gives LaserLock users direct access to Chief technical support professionals who can quickly help resolve any issues.

Why Choose E-Access

Expert technical assistance is now just a click away, thanks to E-Access, Chief’s technical support system for our computerized measuring products.

E-Access enables you to link your measuring system directly to a Chief technical support professional through the Internet. They’ll actually be able to see your measuring system monitor, look at the issues you’re having and help with the solution. In some case, Chief techs can even take control of your system to get your problems solved quickly and effectively.

Since they see what you see, you’ll save time and frustration. And your problem is usually solved in about half the time! That means you can get back to work faster – and keep making money.

Subscribe to E-Access now. It’s like having Chief’s Tech Support Team right in your shop!To order or find out more about getting connected to E-Access, contact Chief’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-445-9262

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