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Vector -- The Perfect Blend of Accuracy and Affordability

As accurate as the Chief® Velocity™…but without all the amenities…the Chief Vector™ provides fast set-up, fast operation and fast measuring. Plus Vector provides three separate reports to show measurements before, during and after repairs, offering indisputable evidence that the repairs made were not only needed…but returned the vehicle frame to its pre-collision condition.

Vector Logo
Features of the Vector
Upper Body Rack
Upper Body Bar

Optional upper body bar allows you to measure the roof, trunk, or even two strut towers at once. Plus, the vertical surface attachment enables comparative vertical measurements on upper body openings, like doors and windows.

Convenient Storage

Vector displays recommended targets and attachments, all of which are organized in easy to reach places for convince and fast set-ups.

Vector Drawers
Steel Cabinet Workstation Powder-coated baked finish with chemical-resistant ABS molded top.
All welded frame structure.
Two (2) rotating and two (2) fixed casters for easy mobility.
Complete 110 or 220 volt system.
Computer Windows XP Professional Edition
Genuine Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
80 gb hard drive
512 MB of memory
Integrated Intel extreme graphics
Integrated 6 channel audio
Integrated network capabilities
DVD Player
Keyboard and Mouse
LCD Color Monitor
Software Chief measuring software can be navigated quickly and easily
On-screen photos of attached and where they should be located
One-touch movements
X-measurements can be made with a click of the mouse
Comparative SAI and caster measurements
The system can be set-up to calculate for removed components
Three separate and easy-to-read color reports to show measurements before, during, and after repairs are made.
Your company logo can be incorporated into the document design.
Includes interactive help and tutorial.
Printer HP color printer
Body Scanner with Tray Small 6"W X 6" X 23"L design helps prevent target blockage
2 lasers
2 rotating mirrors
Targets 32 individual car-coded reflective targets for large scannable area
Recessed faces for maximum protection
Bolt Attachments/Clips Metal style attachments
Clip on bolt heads ranging in size from 10mm to 35mm
Hole Attachments/Clips 58 alluminum snap-in attachments ranging in size from 10mm to 32mm.
Side hole clips ranging in size from 23mm to 35mm
Literature User manual, parts manual, basic training manual, user manual(s) for computer, printer, and Microsoft Windows
Available on CD

Chief Automotive Technologies® reserves the right to alter product specifications and/or package components without notice. Check with Chief or your local Chief distributor on paint options and pricing.

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