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Imagine replacing a frame in a fraction of the time allowed for this procedure. You can...with a Frame Swapper.

Many OEM’s now recommend replacing frames on many new full-frame vehicles, and Chief’s Frame-Swapper™ is the only system specifically designed to replace frames quickly, safely and profitably.

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Approved by all U.S OEM’s, Frame-Swapper consists of a Shop-Hopper and, if needed, a 2-Post Lift. With just these two components, technicians can now swap-out a frame in hours rather than days, and your entire investment can be recouped after only a few replacement jobs.

Shop-Hopper Specifications
Length16' (4,880 mm)
Width37" (940 mm)
Maximum Width81" (2,060 mm)
Maximum Height 22" (560 mm)
Weight2,540 lbs. (1,150 kg)
Shop-Lift I-10 Specifications
Capacity10,000 lbs
Overall Height11' 11-1/8"
Required Ceiling Height 12' 1/8"
Minimum Lifting Height3-5/8"
Maximum Lifting Height 7' 7"
Overall Floor width11' 5"
Inside Column Width 111-3/4"
Drive-Through 99-1/8"
Adapter Heights0", 1-1/2", 3" and 6"


Chief Automotive Technologies® reserves the right to alter product specifications and/or package components without notice. Check with Chief or your local Chief distributor on paint options and pricing.

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