• E-Access

    An on-line technical support network for Chief computerized measuring systems.

    Where Else Can You Get A Team Of Full-Time, On-Call Collision Repair Experts At Your Disposal? Only here, only with Chief Automotive! In fact, E-AccessTM allows our techs to actually take over your measuring system if necessary. They‘ll quickly and effectively solve your repair problems, saving tons of time and reducing frustrations while improving the overall quality of every repair you make.

    Free Chief Tech Support - (Limited-Time Offer)

    Chief Automotive Technologies is providing its $399 E-Access® technical support package to buyers of its new LaserLock™ Live Mapping™ system at no charge. The limited-time offer, available from approved distribution partners, gives LaserLock users direct access to Chief technical support professionals who can quickly help resolve any issues.

    With eaccess you have a powerful resource online.
    Resolve Issues In A Fraction Of The Time - So You Can Get Back To Work!
    What Will E-Access Do For You?

    • Resolve most issues in half the time
    • Improve the quality of repairs
    • Get vehicle specs online, updated daily – no more CDs or phone calls looking for missing vehicle specs


    Making Your Shop E-Accessible

    E-AccessTM requires that your shop be wired for high-speed Internet service, either wirelessly or via cable. Your shop may already be Internet-ready but, if not, here’s what you’ll need:

    1. High-speed Internet service (DSL, cable or T1)
    2. Wireless connections require an Internet/network connection in the same building and within 50 feet of your measuring system
    3. For shops with network cabling, make sure there are outlet(s) conveniently located near your Chief measuring system(s)