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    Upper And Lower Body Data For Thousands Of Domestic And Import Vehicles

    Thunderbolt® Specs, made possible by Chief’s Accelerant software, put the best vehicle dimensional data in the business at your fingertips. In addition to comprehensive frame information, Thunderbolt Specs include detailed upper body data and capabilities that will increase the accuracy, reliability and profitability of every repair you perform:

    • Point-To-Point Measuring
    • Zoom-In Capabilities
    • Multiple Zero Points Available
    • Photos of Point Locations
    • Change Length from Relative to Absolute
    • Compatible with Most Competitive Equipment

    Nobody Does Specs Like Chief . . .

    • OEM’s work closely with Chief to assist in compiling accurate vehicle specifications. When manufacturer information is not available, Chief technicians measure vehicles themselves, using only Chief’s state-of-the-art measuring systems.
    • With Data Resource Centers worldwide and the ability to send technicians anywhere in the world, nobody offers more or better vehicle dimensional data than Chief . . . nobody!
    • Upper and lower body data on thousands of domestic and import cars and trucks from brand-new models back to 1990, and even select vehicles from the late 1970s through 1989
    • Pre-release vehicle data is added continuously. If you have E-Access™ tech support and order your specs online, new vehicle data is updated continuously. If you do not have E-Access™ and receive your specs in DVD format, you will receive updates two times a year.


    Chief Thunderbolt Software Downloads

    You now have the ability to download all updates to your measuring equipment online. Chief gives you the ability to update your software from the following links. Access any of these links from your measuring equipment, as long as it’s connected online. Or download the file on the link and transfer it to your equipment. No need to request disc after disc. Downloads do require an active subscription.

    Need a subscription? Call Chief Automotive today get access to over 70,000 Vehicles. Ph: 800-445-9262


    North American Data Only

    All Regions

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    Precision General Specifications

    For Use With Tram Bars, Frame Gauges And Tape Measuring Systems
    No. American General
    Euro-Pac General


    Precision Universal Measuring Systems Specifications

    For Use With Chief Universal Measuring System
    No. American UMS
    Euro-Pac General UMS

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