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The MULTISPOT® M 80 delivers high quality performance and intelligent digital control to ensure high quality welds. It features a Central Connector for quick and easy changes between X pliers or the single side spotter.

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The MULTISPOT® M 80 features an automatic tool recognition system that will also change the settings to the relavent welding programs. It also features a set of light weight pheumatic spot welding pliers with angled electrode arms for better access to critical areas of vehicles.

Item Description
Power supply unit: 208-240 V (also Available 480 V)
Fuse: 64 A slow blowing
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Supply Power: 14.7 kVA
Maximum welding current: 6,800 A
Ambient temperature: 104° F
Protective System IP 21
Power supply unit: Mobile
Total weight including accessories: approx. 214 lbs
Dimensions H / W / D: 40.2’’ / 20.3’’ / 23.6’’

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