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The MULTISPOT® MI-100control-T delivers high quality inverter technology that assures perfect spot welding results. Designed for all car body repairs with high strength steels (e.g. Boron, USIBOR, TRIP, TWIP, XIP).

MI-Control T

MULTISPOT® MI-100control T
• High performance transfomer pliers
• Impedance measurement for perfect results
• Automatic readjustment of welding parameters, uniform quality from the first spot weld to the last one
• Automatic detection for interference factors such as dirt, adhesives or protective coatings
• 16 feet of welding cable for increased reach

Item Description
Power supply unit: 208-240 V (3 Phase)
Fuse: 80 Amp Slow blowing
Connection Cable Length: 33’’
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Supply Power: 42 kVA
Nominal power by 50 % ED 60 kVA
Maximum welding current: 12,000 A DC
Ambient temperature: 104° F
Protective System IP 21
Power supply unit: Mobile
Total weight including accessories: approx. 187 lbs
Dimensions H / W / D: 36.4’’ / 25.6’’ / 25.6’’

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