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    The MI200T squeeze-type resistance inverter spot welder serves the sole purpose of spot welding during maintenance work on car bodies, for stock of up to 3 mm sheet gauge and combinations of up to three sheets within its specifications. Chief Fusion Technologies MultiSpot® welder delivers the large currents needed to heat today's car metals for flawless fusion. Energy delivered to small areas in short amounts of time will increase your productivity and weld effectiveness.

    Technicians interface with the MI200T through a compact control panel featuring an LCD screen and easy-to-follow graphical controls. Changing arms is a fast and easy process. Pop off the cooling line, flip a lever and remove the arm. Reverse the steps to install the new arm and get back to welding.


    Chief Fusion MI200T

    The MI-200T with transformer pliers - designed to assure the investment in the equipment. Featuring TrueAutoMode™ Precision spot welds with just one setting.

    208-240 V

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    Feather-Light Transformer Pliers.

    Our TrueAutoMode technology reduces the chances of human error by automatically setting the weld parameters for every weld. It's strong and efficient: The MI200T can produce up to 14,500 amps of welding current while drawing less power. It's flexible: The MI200T has the industry's longest welding cable at nearly 20 feet and many optional C arms to choose from so technicians can reach even the toughest spots. And it's affordable. This top-of-the-line smart welder with trans-gun is priced even lower than many competitors' basic cable models."

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    Automatic Regulation of Welding Parameters | Elektron TrueAutoMode.

    • Perfect welds every time
    • Designed for all vehicle body repairs
    • Detects and adjusts welding parameters
    • Delivers uniform OEM approved quality
    • Logs data for each repair
    • Provides feedback on the quality of every weld
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    The MI200T's high-performance transformer pliers draw up to 40 percent less power than many cable pliers, further enhancing its energy savings and long-term cost-effectiveness. This high-efficiency design also means that the amperage service required for the MI200T is one of the lowest in the industry, typically requiring only a 40A service. In addition, the MI200T's duty cycle is so high that the technician can operate the welder continuously without having to slow down to let the welder cool off. Liquid cooling to the tips is standard.

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